Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The treatment of the erectile dysfunction is dependent on the cause. Doctors use several treatment approaches depending on the cause of the impotence. In this article, I will take you through a detailed outline of the various methods used to treat male erectile dysfunction.

Oral medication: The method involves intake of erectile dysfunction treatment tablets. A number of oral treatments have been found to offer a successive solution to the embarrassing erectile dysfunction. Oral medication involves intake of tablets that stimulate the flow of the blood in the penis. Penis fails to attain and maintain a constant erection when the blood does not flow into the penis. The most common oral medication includes Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, and vardenafil. Any of these drugs is effective in treating the erectile dysfunction. The tablet is taken 30 minutes to an hour before making love. Upon sexual stimulation, the drug will increase and maintain a longer erection. The tablets vary in dosage.

Penile implants: This is a treatment method that involves surgical operations to input devices that help to improve the erection. Inflatable or semi-rigid rods are implanted on either side of the penis to enable a person control how long and when to have an erection. These devices keep the penis firm though it still bends. Penile implants are only used when other treatment methods fail to work. Research indicates that implants are effective to men who have not benefited from other treatment methods such as oral medications.

Psychological counseling: Sometimes the erectile dysfunction is caused by factors related to stress, depression or anxiety. In this case, there is no specialized treatment is required but rather counseling. If the doctor realizes that dysfunction is due to stress and tension in the relation, he or she may recommend a counseling program for the two partners

Lifestyle change: Research indicates that lifestyle choices such as smoking accelerate erectile dysfunction in most men. Therefore, it is important to do away with lifestyles that worsen the condition. Some of the remedies include exercising to reduce weight. Being overweight can worsen erectile dysfunction. Additionally, studies show that smoking has a negative impact on the sexual power among smokers. 

Use of erectile dysfunction vacuums: The erectile dysfunction vacuum work effectively to a majority of men with erectile dysfunction. The vacuum devices help to draw blood into the penis to attain an erection. The penis is put into a plastic cylinder, and the air is pumped out of the cylinder to force the blood flow into the penis. After the penis attains an erection, a ring is put at the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

Surgery: The treatment is only applied when other methods have failed to provide a solution. The method is applied to men who have serious anatomical problems with their penis. 

Hormonal therapy: The treatment is applied when the cause of erectile dysfunction is a hormonal imbalance. When the testosterone is low, there are high chances of suffering from an erectile dysfunction. It involves injections with testosterone supplement to improve sex drive. 

Other methods of treating erectile dysfunction include use of herbal treatments, sex therapy andpenile injections. SEE ED ELXIR REVIEW